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Impianti di aspirazione, filtrazione e ventilazione, sottostazioni filtranti, silos componibili, insonorizzazione

Air purification systems, extractors, conditionning, filter sub-station, trunking systems, silos, soundproofing

Dal 1974 a tutela dell'ambiente

Since 1974 for the environement care, to let you work clean and breath healty

Esperienza e professionalità per ogni esigenza logistica

Professionalism and experience to offer the best solution for every need

Tecnologia ed innovazione per un mercato in continua evoluzione

Innovation and technology in a constantly changing and evolving market

Stone working solutions

    Selling health since 1974

    We have always believed in the importance of working in a clean and safe place. This motivation lead us to improve everyday the air quality inside and outside every working area. For 40 years we have been producing purification systems for smoke, shavings, aerosol, oily mist, dust and gas removal following our clients request in Italy and abroad.
    We work for the following industrial sectors: wood, stone (marble, granite and similar), scrapping, recycling, concrete, chemical, pharmaceutical, mechanical, welding, paints, stamping, plastic materials, electronical, inert substance processing, glass, ceramic, milling industry, textile and shoe, food industry, foundry and every circumstance where smoke, dust, gas or shaving particles removal is needed.

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