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Filter sub-stations

Self-clean filters for gas, fumes, vapour, spray.

The filter sub-stations are the most efficient system designed to remove all kind of dust resulting from industrial processes.
They are made of steel panels and can be painted under request. The filtering system is composed of a serie of hoses placed in parallel rows and kept taut by means galvanized net baskets. The hoses block the particles that are collected and conveyed by means of a scroll and a star valve.

The plant efficienty is gurantee by the respect of safety requirements prescribed.

It is also possible to place an automatic cleaning control system for the hoses. It allows a longer duration of the filters, improves the dust treatment for the filtering area is always operating, reduces the amount of compressed air and guarantees a higher efficiency of the system.

Filter cleaning methods
  • compressed air cleaning system
  • motor vibrator system
  • filtering and depuration high performance
  • customizable size according to the Customer needs
  • low maintenance cost
  • suitable for any kind of dust, smoke or mist
  • low energy consumption