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POCKET Stone dust extractor with pocket filters

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Pocket filter extractor with adjustable hood / flexible suction arm

Stoneworking - Extraction and exhaustion of stone dust (marble, granite, etc.)
Ideal for small workshops or when working small stone pieces.
It is made of welded sheet steel frame and treated epoxy wash primer and polyurethane paint.
The dust extraction elements consist of an adjustable hood (connected to the machine with a provided hose), a flexible suction arm, or the complete version with both the accessories (in this case two valves to open/close the aspiration will be installed).
There are no parts in movement.
It is provided with steering casters that allow an easy displacement of the frame (and the hood, if installed) inside the working area, right to the location where it is required for the job.
The product is delivered assembled. Installation of the accessories (hood or arm) and electrical connections are needed.
How it works
The suction group extracts the dust particles produced during the stone working. The pocket filter inside the gear captures the dust that collapeses into the drawer below.
A polyester fiber filter is installed into the frame on the roof, permitting the air to be expelled clean into the atmosphere.
Easy cleaning of the pocket filter by means of the lever installed. Periodically drawer cleaning.

  • User-friendly
  • Small size
  • No water needed
  • No mud produced
  • No mechanical moving parts or pumps
  • Steering casters provided for an easy displacement
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Low power consumption
Accessories for the extraction
  • Adjustable wheeled hood provided with steering casters
  • Flexible suction arm

N.B. To obtain the best suction power, it is advisable to use one accessory at a time (for the complete version).

Technical data
    • Model: POCKET
    • Machine body size: 800x1030x1630 mm
    • Body weight: 172 kg abt
    • Flexible arm: Ø160 L=2000 mm
    • Arm weight: 14 kg abt.
    • Hood weight: 47 kg abt.
    • Type of filter: semi-rigid synthetic filter with 8 pockets
    • Extracted air: 2500 m³/h
    • Voltage: 400 V - 50 Hz three or single phase, 2 pole
    • Absorbed power: 3 kW
    • Elimination efficiency: 99,9% *

* Certified by authorized laboratory

Demo video


Brochure DRY LINE (pdf)
Emission certificate (pdf)